Project details:

EC Project Number: 2021-1-IT02-KA210-ADU-000034903
Project title: DEBATECH
Coordinator Organisation Legal Name:
APS Brainery Academy

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The association Brainery Academy APS strongly believed that the project could become a way to learn in a playful way allowing participants to experience a lifelong learning and many other benefits…. The expectations were completely fulfilled and it is already working for the future.

The DEBATE is a discipline used in high schools to enhance English skills, to stimulate and interest students in searching and learning about different topics, to acquire the capacity of thinking critically, to learn how to convince an audience about a thesis… The idea was to bring this activity in an adult contest to offer the possibility to improve (as a person), to deepen knowledges, to acquire self- confidence and self-esteem.

To follow the ERASMUS projects mission, the association opened her classes to the other partners. Every week a multicultural, international meeting took place online (there were Italian, Turkish, Spanish, French, Polish, Slovakian… students sharing knowledges, cultures, opinions…). Extremely interesting the exchange of points of view and the passion and interest showed by the participants.

The initial period of the project was dedicated to the preparation of the participants: English & ICT classes were provided. In a second period the users worked to enhance their communication skills and they were asked to research on the internet the topics to be discussed in the weekly meetings. In December 2021 the Turkish partner offered to all the groups a 4 lessons workshop about IT tool (CANVA, WEBTWOTOOLS…). In a third period the group focused on the debate activity and there were weekly debate sessions on line (google meet platform).  

Brainery presented this project and the DEBATE activities in many occasions and to other organisations creating bonds for future developing of the project. Two organisations already agreed for a training and a collaboration to disseminate this practice. 

The Italian and Turkish students already agreed to continue the weekly meetings to continue improving their competences, to learn from the peers and to maintain the friendships created during the project.

Significant results are to be noticed in several aspects, here some of them: 

ENGLISH: students were able to enhance their conversation skills and to modulate their voice. They learnt to speak appropriately and could acquire many specific term.

IT SKILLS: a noticeable improvement in the use of the IT tools was achieved.

REASONING: the participants could improve their critical thinking skills, since they had to search for information. They learnt to elaborate speeches (finding the PRO thesis possible arguments and the AGAINST thesis possible arguments). Moreover they were requested to be able to quickly respond to the adversaries trying to destroy their premises.

FRIENDSHIPS: The working groups seriously and passionately work together to prepare the sessions and be ready to the meetings. All the participants were open to the others’ ideas and willing to help. Moreover beautiful friendships began during the meetings. The international meetings allowed the participants to broaden their minds and to understand the traditions, cultures and opinions of their International peers. The DEBATE therefore became a supporter and promotor of Multicultural and Multigenerational Inclusivity.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: The possibility to share their opinions, to have their ideas listened to allowed students to increment their selfesteem.

LEARNING: The possibility of deepening topics, the necessity to look at issues from different angles allowed students to enrich their knowledge, understanding and competences.